Monday, September 05, 2005

Fun memories from the summer

I stayed a lot at a hotel nearby work this summer. I was working very late and wasn't able to drive the 30-40 minutes home afterwards.

1. Hanging out at the front desk at 4am waiting for someone to come and unlock my hotel room door, since my room key died. An old woman with almost no teeth was wanting to get into my hotel room so she could use the bathroom. She was on her cell phone with somebody about how she hadn't managed to get into a room yet. I think she did have to use the bathroom, but I couldn't get into my room either. I ended up driving home that night.

2. I had been at the hotel a bunch. They gave me a free coupon for a soda at the room near the lobby which has all kinds of breakfast and junk food. I was tired, but couldn't sleep so I watched Monk and DeadZone on USA. During DeadZone, a commerical for Fanta came on. I got all wired for some odd reason and ran down and grabbed a Fanta using the coupon. Then, after finishing the Fanta, I went back to work and wrote code until 7am or so. It was a good night in the end.

3. I was completely tired and wanted to go to sleep. There was a huge dog was on the other side of the wall. It sounded like some sort of Marmaduke. Crazy low gutteral to high pitch bark/howl. I just couldn't help but laugh.

4. I finished up a big chunk of code. Deirdre, Niamh, and Riley were at a campground for our yearly camping trip with the gang of friends. I left at 3:30am, went to the hotel room (I had planned out exactly where everything was as I was driving over). Passed this weird couple in the hall. It sounded like she was trying to get him into her hotel room. But, I wasn't sure. Was in and out of the hotel room in about a minute with all my stuff. Drove up to New Hampshire, about 2.5 hour drive. Stopped briefly at home to get the time fabrication vehicle (aka Jetta).
When I was just about to the campground, I saw a deer at the side of the road. I seriously thought about pulling over and petting it. Then, I realized I was pretty tired. I did make it to the campsite - said "hello" and promptly fell asleep. I pretty much was useless all that day, in and out of sleep. But, breakfast around the campfire, yummy pizza for lunch, and Zeb's was great.


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