Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hailey is curled up on my lap

What a crazy week it has been. Hailey Grace Dixon was born 10/25/05 at 3:55am.
She weighed in at 7lbs 6.5 oz.
The effects of Wilma finally made it up our way. So it was quite a rainy and breezy night.
We went a couple of hours before, but while it was progressing, it seemed like we were going to have to wait until morning at least. We live so close to the hospital, so it seemed much easier to just go home and sleep comfortably. I went to the local CVS to get some meds to help Deirdre sleep, but they had just changed the computer system over. It was a bit of a mess, but it was pretty funny timing anyway.

About an hour and a half later, Deirdre's water broke and we gathered everything and rushed in. Deirdre's mom had come over to babysit Riley if it turned out we needed to go in. We arrived at the hospital at 2:24am, everything was progressing quite fast. The meds Deirdre took cut the edge off of the contractions, so she was sitting in a rocking chair wondering about taking stronger meds. She wanted to go to the bathroom, but the nurse checked and said she would have the baby in the toilet...she was just about to give birth. Crazy. So the doctor was called in and we moved Deirdre to the bed. The doctor asked her to wait on pushing as she got her outfit all ready. She barely had enough time before Hailey came out. She cut the cord and only after told us that it was wrapped around Hailey's throat twice. Due to how fast she came out, it left no damage or hurt her in any way.

Riley has been an absolutely amazing older brother. He sings to her when she cries, offers his diapers when she needs to be changed, gives her kisses, and rubs her head gently.

Having 2 weeks off is also amazing. I check in now and then, but everything is going great over there. Woot!

Riley has a police car now - we went down to the edge of our driveway and watched the cars go by. Lots of fun. :)


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