Saturday, April 02, 2005

A dream from August 13th, 1995

This dream has four parts.

The first part, I was at my old house in Old Orchard Beach. (It is a split level house, with 2 separate houses.) Deirdre and I were visiting my aunt Linda - who was living where my uncle Glenn normally lived. My aunt had two movies she wanted to show us. The first movie was one tape long and the second spanned two tapes. My aunt told us that the first tape was about the last straw before a huge China (vs. ?) war started. The second tape was about the war itself. I don't remember any actual footage from the tapes. Also in the room is a friend of my aunt's - I guess - but I didn't know who she was.

My father came in at this point, he just wanted to talk - which was weird since he loves movies. My aunt decides to leave at this point, because she needs to drive home.

Deirdre, my dad, and I are rounding a left corner at a beach. In the ocean, there is a treehouse - tipped over and buried in the sand. The treehouse was brown plastic. Alongside the treehouse was a tipped over cardboard box. Near the box was a collection of figures - G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc...(the cardboard box was the same as I had when I was a child).

Just then Harry Schaffer (from L.G) came from out at sea (or he had been at the water's edge all this time). So, I ran out into the water and we started splashing water at each other.
Another L.G. employee came from the shore, but I don't remember who he was.
Ast this point, I was wearing my glasses (the ones I use when I'm sitting in front of my computer). The left earpiece was suddenly all twisted. I thought to myself, "All I need to do is hit the tab key to fix it."

Deirdre is in the hospital and seems very sick. All of these men keep visiting her, giving her money for sex (?). She takes the money, and says no. The men, who into the room separately, all leave separately. Then, this old man comes into the room. I recognized him to be very close to Deirdre - as if he was her god parent or something (when I awoke later - I wondered if he was her guardian angel). The old man says to her, "I have good vision and I have always known you had a tatoo on your left leg." He gives her lots of money, she says no - he smiles at her. Then he turns, smiles and me, then leaves. We were very happy at this point - as if this money removed an enormous weight from our chests.

Deirdre and a realtor with a really lame English accent are talking. They enter an upside-down u-shaped area. It looks like an open courtyard. The tiles are dark maroon - though there isn't much ambient light. The realtor says, "The whole place is actually very crappy." On the steps - on the opposite side of the courtyard is a pickup truck. This pickup truck is covered in a sheet. Deirdre asks, "what's that for?" The realtor replies, "It's the garage - it is quite crappy, really."