Saturday, March 24, 2007

Having a blast

Working on a super-secret project at EALA. Not many people at EA even know what I'm working on. It's quite amazing...the best job I've ever had. More later...when I can talk about it. But, I think it will catch a lot of people off-guard.

The kids have settled in quite well. The mature orange tree in the backyard produces lots of oranges and whenever we want it to smell like Jamba Juice, we just squeeze some...or if we're extra lazy we just stick one in the garbage disposal. Heh.

Elliot Taylor Dixon is due today...but he's probably taking a cue from Hailey and hanging out in mommy for a bit longer. With an immediate work deadline out of the way, he can come anytime now...thanks for waiting. :) Mommy is sure ready for you to arrive.

Oma is here to help with Elliot's arrival. Ben Smith also joined us on the project and has been living at the house. The kids just adore him. I drive along the Pacific Coast Highway during my commute. It's so gorgeous...I am thankful everyday for all the blessings.

Hailey is a Howler Monkey

Hailey has one of those screams that I've heard people say sound like a police whistle. Then, it migrated to making you want to claw your eyes out. But, it kinda tweaks me in a way where my system shuts down. I can just hold her and wait until she's doing a bit better. It doesn't happen very often these days thankfully...but today she had another one of those episodes. So she got a new nickname...howler monkey. It's quite fitting really. (duck)