Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sea World

We went to Sea World yesterday with Jack and Meg (they came out to visit for a week). We had lots of fun seeing Shamu and the dolphins. Riley and Hailey loved the playground area, especially the large sandbox area.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Deirdre and I took Riley, Hailey, and Elliot to Disneyland. I had been doing some crunching at work for the last week or so. With that behind us, why not go to Disneyland? It's about 30 minutes away from here, which is so crazy. When we arrived, Riley immediately said we had to meet Mickey Mouse. It was very important to Riley that he met Mickey and that Mickey met him and Hailey. When we arrived in Toon Town, the wait was supposed to be over an hour. When I explained to Riley that we would have to wait for a long time in the line, he quietly sat down on the ground. I guess he has a future in waiting for game consoles, movies, concerts, and the like. :)
After about 45 minutes or so (he was running around like a monkey after the first five minutes so I carried both of them while we went through the line) we met Mickey. He was on the steamboat in the middle of filming a movie, but he took some time out of his busy day to meet Riley and Hailey. I recorded it with a video camera, but I have no idea how good it came out.

We went on the Pirates ride afterwards. We sat up front and got a bit wet on the waterfalls. :)
Riley was very excited about grabbing the loot from the treasure chests. Hailey was dancing in my arms to the Pirates band playing next to the entrance of the ride.

After Pirates, we had some yummy Pineapple float while we waited for the Tiki Room. Hailey loved it, though both kids were a little scared of the Tiki statues chanting.

Next, we went on the train around the park. Both Hailey and Riley love trains. It's so much fun to see their faces light up when the train approached the station.

We arrived back at Main Street. The Main Street Parade was just starting, so we watched that. Then, we headed back to the car via the tram. Next time, we'll shoot for going to see the fireworks...

Riley designs his first game - Jump Jump

Riley first told us how much of a mess our living room was (and it wasn't...for once :) ).
He was talking to Ben how you had to jump over the stuff in the room.
Ben asked Riley if he was designing a game. Without skipping a beat, he told him that the name of the game was "Jump jump." He then told Ben how you play the game:

Jump jump jump over the car and the balloon and the bucket and you win the gold trophy (a pink piggy sock). When Ben asked Riley how you win the game, Riley replied, "I'm going to win."

So Ben, Deirdre, and I were joking that the win condition for the game was that if your name is Riley, then you win.