Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thanks Nintendo!

It's so great that the Wii is launching in the USA on my birthday. I just hope I can find one...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ah...the power of Legos

Forget cheese, Legos are way more powerful. We have three small sets of Duplos now. I was instructed by Riley on the proper way to fix stuck Legos the other day:
"First, you put the blocks in your mouth. Then, you bite and bite and bite and then they are in two pieces." I told him that he would get chipped teeth like me (since that's what I did with my adult teeth...oops). I guess that's the proper way though, so no arguments there.

We picked up a tube set. Deirdre doesn't like them as much, since they are too abstract. But, they are way cool. They come with balls to roll through the tubes. Hailey seems to like the silly face on the blue ball. For the moment though, it's too big for her mouth, so she can't choke.

When we were out in California, we bought ourselves Legos one year. I think we spent a solid few days one weekend playing pretty hardcore with them. It's great to all gather around the pile and make stuff, though I can't wait to play with regular-sized Legos in a few years.